The design principle sheds any purely functional linkage of objects and thus grants architects and interior designers the opportunity to devise new holistic settings over and above individual objects in the room. Kanera design intentionally makes statements which inspire, thus providing a platform for architects and interior designers to devise new room design with their creativity in line with the users' desires.

Kanera relies on a natural and exclusive material for its products, namely enamelled steel. The enamelled steel can be molded with great precision into into innovative shapes an it retains its gleam and shining colour for years. Extremly stable and so good as indestructible, it is perfectly suitable for your bath. Furthermore, our washstands/ basins are made using stainless steel and brass with a variety of surface.

As regards sustainability, enamelled steel is indeed very modern, and not just thanks to its long service life. It is extremely light and as such it safes valuable resources. Enamelled steel is 100 % recyclable and requires no prior treatment, the material again is classified as a raw material, not as waste.

Not to forget that the challenge and inspiration of Kanera quality standards hinges on superlative functions. Face cloths, toothbrushes and soap all have a fixed place in life on the wash basin and after use there is almost no need to clean the wash basin.

All Kanera products are made in Germany and subject to the highest quality standards.